IPO Advisory

IPO Advisory, Cold Listing & Dual Listing

In spite of volatile markets, we see an acceptable window of opportunity in floating your company on the stock exchange nowadays. However, we are in a very mature bull-market!

With impressive experience of creating capital market readiness, our team provides the full range of listing services to conduct successfully an IPO on the stock exchange. Our partner network consists of experienced banks, market makers and listing partners, being carefully selected and introduced to our clients according to their specific needs. Additionally, renowned notaries, exceptional accountants, and excellent lawyers support the whole listing process. The typical IPO/listing process consists of the following steps*:

Prematuritas Invest - IPO Advisory

“Feel free to contact us to inform about your company’s eligibility for an IPO and the variety of listing opportunities.”

Planning & Preparation

An IPO, cold listing or dual listing on the stock exchange requires a comprehensive and extensive planning and preparation period. In the beginning of the process a gap analysis is an adequate tool to analyze actual/target comparisons. A discussion with top management and major shareholders about benefits, but also risks and drawbacks of an IPO, follows. Especially, compliance, liability, and reporting issues are considered as well as the dramatic structural change and its implications for the entire company. Feel free to contact us in order to inform about your company’s eligibility for an IPO and the variety of listing opportunities.

Due Diligence

Having finalized the planning and preparation process, which lasts usually between minimum six months and nine months before the listing date, a comprehensive due diligence is necessary in order to get an in-depth insight of the company. Depending on the kind of IPO, the stock market exchange, its particular segment and transparency standards, an extensive financial, legal and operational due diligence is conducted. On the way to a successful IPO, the particular strengths and weaknesses are emphasized and optimized, respectively. In most cases a securities prospectus – approved by the Financial Authority – is a key requirement and can be drawn fast and cost-efficiently together with experienced cooperation partners .

Do not hesitate to contact us for the preparation of a securities prospectus. The potential savings are enormous.

Structuring & Scheduling

The final structure and scheduling of the next steps is defined within this period. Recent financial statements are finalized and published, professional research reports are mandated and published, a road show and meetings with institutional investors are scheduled and finally the listing date is coordinated with banks, listing partner and the stock exchange.

Realization & Marketing

Afterwards, the pre-IPO placement starts with proactive marketing efforts to create awareness and increase the critical reach of the company. Securities prospectus is approved by then and also the target price range is defined at this stage. A road show is conducted and professional documents like investor presentation, financial plan, factsheet, press review and professional research report are handed out to potential investors – see Document Preparation and market awareness for more information.

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Listing Day/IPO & Aftercare

When the company is floated on the stock exchange, many transparency standards oblige. Also continuous investor relation activities are important to manage adequately the company being public. Depending on the stock market exchange and its segment, ad hoc disclosures, half-year financial statements, a corporate calender and further obligations may apply. An experienced CFO and external IPO advisor should manage the process then to benefit optimally from an IPO. Especially, next steps like SPOs, rights issue, bond issue and further financing opportunities require the right structuring and right timing – see Corporate Finance – Being Public for more information.

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*The steps of a listing process/IPO may vary significantly from the above mentioned. They present an abstract and simplified example of how a listing of a SME can be conducted.