Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Services

“Independent Corporate Finance Advisory Services as a key element for deals, in which strategic corporate action is decisive to make the crucial difference.”

We offer tailor-made Corporate Finance Services as a complementary part of our business model. Firstly, for restructuring our own deals, we use our in-house expertise and experience in combination with excellent services outsourced, provided through our renowned cooperation partners. Secondly, we offer that kind of independent services as hollistic advisory services on the soft service side for highly lucrative deals, in which strategic corporate action remains decisive to make the crucial difference.


Definition – Our Approach & Understanding

“Corporate Finance Advisory encompasses the analysis, structuring, and implementation of financing aspects in a company’s strategic context.”

In general, Corporate Finance Advisory encompasses the analysis, structuring, and implementation of financing aspects in a company’s strategic context. The focus lies on issuance of debt or equity capital, search for appropriate investors and advice on the acquisition or disposal of companies and/or their corporate divisions. Every company should consider steadily an adequate financing structure: either a startup, a mature SME with a long history, or even a MNC, the key for a successful development and continuous growth depends heavily on the efficient use of financing instruments available. A solid shareholder base and a steady review of the business model’s KPIs are also key success factors and should be monitored continuously. As a flexible and independent player with remarkable experience, we mainly focus on the following Corporate Finance Services.

Capital Markets – Being Public

For a listed company on the stock exchange flexible future financing possibilities are crucial. Capital increases/SPOs, rights issues, issuance of bonds, bond options and convertible loans present some opprtunities to achieve an effective, well-diversified financing structure. These instruments need to be prepared carefully to create an appropriate financing mix and benefit from the variety of refinancing opportunities capital markets offer. We advise listed companies on a continuous basis with strategic support to optimally position a company in the capital markets. This entails, among others:

  • shareholder analysis,
  • sentiment analysis,
  • analysis of appropriate capital measures,
  • advisory on reasonable (financing-)resolutions at general meetings,
  • adaption of articles,
  • review of equity story,
  • roadshow planning,
  • Document Preparation,
  • investor targeting.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any Corporate Finance – Being Public Services.

Capital Markets – Going Public

When a company plans a listing on the stock exchange, our IPO-Advisory provides an independent view on the variety of possibilities and how the approach is reasonably prepared and finally implemented. For more details, have look at IPO Advisory and see some of the above mentioned Corporate Finance Services as complementary strategic tools. These tools are coherently analyzed, target-oriented applied and effectively implemented: to create future financing options, to achieve a better positioning in the capital markets, and even more important, to add significant value to the company.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive an overview of the variety of stock exchanges, their particular segments and their distinguishing requirements and transparency standards.

Structuring/Strategic Advisory

Generally, Corporate Finance Advisory is crucial from the beginning in order to:

  • choose an appropriate entity,
  • target and find a reasonable investor base,
  • enable future financing options,
  • create an investor-friendly set-up,
  • and finally implement the right financing mix.

As experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we have supported not only SMEs, but also many startup companies and have built them from scratch. Thus, we know how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Key prerequisites like a professional business plan, financing plan and (investor-)presentation can be drawn fast and implemented gradually – see Document Preparation and market access for more information. We have successfuly co-founded Pitch Club FFM to bring together young companies with experienced investors. Therefore, we know very well the needs, expectations and requirements of the startups and investors, vice versa.

“We have successfuly co-founded Pitch Club FFM to bring together young companies with experienced investors.”